Complete data on CP.sk

We have added all the regular bus services of S.A.D. Zvolen.

Last timetables for districts Banská Štiavnica and Žiar nad Hronom added to CP.sk data.

We apologize to the traveler for the inconvenience caused and believe that you will continue to use our services.

Data entry on CP.sk

Added 25 more suburban lines S.A.D. Zvolen

In suburban transport S.A.D. Zvolen another 25 routes for districts were added:

  • Zvolen
  • Žarnovica
  • The last suburban lines for the districts of Banská Štiavnica and Žiar nad Hronom will be added before the end of 2019. We ask the traveling public to report any discrepancies in the data to cis@inprop.sk.

    Data entry on CP.sk

    Urban public transport data is complete. In suburban transport the first 75 bus lines of S.A.D. Zvolen were added.

    Urban public transport data are complete, including data for:

    • MHD Banská Bystrica
    • MHD Brezno
    • MHD Zvolen
    • MHD Žiar nad Hronom

    In suburban transport of S.A.D. Zvolen first 75 bus lines out of 130 were added for districts:

    • Banska Bystrica
    • Brezno
    • Detva
    • Krupina
    • Liptovsky Mikulas
    • Lucenec
    • Poltar
    • Revuca
    • Rimavska Sobota
    • Ruzomberok
    • Velky Krtis

    We ask the traveling public to report any discrepancies in the data to cis@inprop.sk.


    TimeTable 2020

    TimeTable data valid for 2020 is available

    In the DOWNLOADS section, timetable data valid for 2020 was made available. To receive email notifications when the train and bus data updates for 2020, they must set them in your profile.

    New version of CP.sk

    Launch of the test version of the new CP.sk website

    A new version of the CP.sk connection finder is available. In addition to the new design, one of the most important innovations is the possibility to order tickets directly from the connection finder, which requires creating a user account. We strongly encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions directly via the “Report an error or submit a suggestion for improvement” contact form.

    On our homepage, you can fill in parameters and you will be redirected to the new connection finder.

    New INPROP website design

    Switch to secure protocol and new design of website

    We have converted our website to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) with a completely new website design.

    The users are now ensured that they communicate directly with our website, and not with some of its fake versions, thanks to the certificate that now appears on the website. 

    For a user, who wishes to receive notifications about file updates in the Timetables application, it is necessary to create a user account and select files for which he wishes to receive these notifications. More information in the answer to the question “How do I know that files in Timetables were updated?

    New version of timetables

    A new version of native applications for Android and iOS was deployed.

    We improved the native applications Timetables for Android and iOS operation systems. On both platforms (version 2.6.0 for Android and 2.10.0 for iOS), following updates were implemented:

    • added shortcuts to application functions,
    • added a full preview of the trip on the map,
    • added time to departure including delay,
    • improved colour contrast of lines in dark theme (Android only),
    • added minor features and utilities,
    • improved stability and bug fixes.


    Web application for calculating entries into the stations and for calculating performance.

    The application is currently available on https://ivykony.sk. It consists of two tools: 

    1. SPOJE ZASTÁVKY – tool for generating lists of connections for selected stops for selected period of time, serving mainly to bus station administrators for generating invoicing documents for entries into the stations, which they manage.
    2. VÝKONY – tool for calculating bus and train lines performance based on tariff kilometres. Correct calculation of tariff kilometres is the main indicator of mass transport services in the region required for planning public transport with regard to performance and public interest.


    Termination of publishing data for the Smartřády application.

    In 2015, the technical support for the Smartřády application was terminated. After the end of technical support, we continued to publish data files for this application.

    Since 2019, timetable data files for Smartřády application are no longer publicly available for download on our website. Users of the application are still able to update the data through the Smartřády application. 

    The Smartřády application was replaced by the native application, Cestovné poriadky CP, available for Android and iOS operating systems. More information in the Products/Timetables section