Information kiosk searches for connections in selected timetables (bus, train, and city public transport timetables) according to various criteria. The kiosk contains a simple and intuitive application and has a touch screen. User fills in basic information about the connection: from, to and when. The application finds the most appropriate connection ordered by arrival time.

The application offers these features:

  • selection of the home station (pre-selected station in the „from“ window that will be filled in automatically – the location where the kiosk is placed)
  • three language mutations (Slovak, English, German) – user can switch between languages by clicking on flag thumbnails in the top right corner of the screen
  • predictive text based on the input from the virtual keyboard (if the entered text does not clearly specify a particular stop/station, the application offers an option that matches the entered input).

Timetable data can be updated remotely using fixed connection or Wifi connection to the local network, or manually using USB drive or CD/DVD media.

Price list

Kiosk for the exterior

3.500 €

Kiosk for the interior

2.500 €

Software equipment

1.000 €

Yearly updates

150 €

The prices do not include VAT. The prices for the kiosks are indicative and may vary according to the design, materials and equipment. For more information about the kiosks from the SOFOS company, follow the link: