• search for connection between villages and towns in Slovakia,
  • search for long-distance international connections operated by Slovak carriers ,
  • information about departures and arrivals of connections from platforms and stations,
  • information about routes including the route length and transfer times,
  • printing of searched connections,
  • online data updates.


TimeTables 2024

  • Application for OS Windows with one year subscription.
  • network version
  • unlimited number of installations within the local network

The system includes all connections of the suburban bus transport in Slovakia, long-distance and international connections operated by Slovak carriers and city public transport in various larger cities. It also includes all connections of railway passenger transport in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and some connections of other European railways. Train and bus timetables are connected, which means that they include:

  • possible transfers points
  • walking distances in transfer points
  • potential assignment of stops to municipalities and city areas.
Since the timetables are connected, the application allows users to search for combined connections from several different timetables.

The Timetables application is currently one of the most widely used information services on the Slovak internet. The application on the web address http://www.cp.sk allows searching for train, bus, plane, city public transport connections or combined train, bus and city public transport connections. For selected bus connections, it is possible to purchase tickets and seat reservations. Real-time information about the current location and delays are also available for selected connections.

Electronic train, bus, plane and city public transport timetables optimized for mobile devices, Android and iOS operating systems.

Android Platform

Versions of application allowing the search in Timetables currently available for download on the Google Play:

iOS Platform

Versions of application for iOS operating system (iPhone devices) allowing the search in Timetables currently available for download on the iTunes:

Information about the Timetables can be also obtained by calling the following telephone numbers:

  • 1181 – information about connections operated by Slovak Telekom
  • 999 – information about connections operated by Orange Slovakia
  • 18188 – information about train connections operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko