Update manual

Update files are self-extracting archives.

To update the software, follow these steps:

  1. Before you start, quit the Timetables software. If you are using a network version, all network clients must quit the software.
  2. Download the update file by clicking the Download button.
  3. Save the update file to a local disk in a helper (e.g. C:/POM).
  4. Run the update file and select the destination folder, where your Timetables software is installed.

Available updates

  • Maps - map files for bus and train transport.
Name Description Expir. date  
Mapy pre autobusy
Map file for buses.

Updated: 3/13/2023 11:15:20 PM

Size: 665.5 KB

Mapy pre vlaky
Map file for trains.

Updated: 2/2/2023 10:30:29 PM

Size: 705.79 KB