INISS provides audio-visual information in railway stations and bus stations about the following:

  • arrivals, departures and delays of trains and buses, railway and platform capacity etc.
  • information about connecting transport systems (e.g. public transport information)
  • special traffic events.

INISS's features:

  • generating time schedules for information boards and sequence, in which the data is continuously displayed at different times of a day, on different week days or periods of year
  • automated assignment of information to boards according to data entered in the time schedule
  • automated operation of the station announcement system and its synchronization with information boards
  • manual operation, i.e. blocking automatic selection of information, from the time schedule and displaying information on the boards from the control computer
  • automated management of operation according to the real movement of trains
  • automated control of the station announcement system volume in specified intervals
  • automated repetition of announcement in the station announcement system in specified intervals
  • incorporation of changes in timetables through data updates
  • online retrieval of information about the status of each device
  • statistical evaluation of performance.

The system can be configured and modified to client’s specific requirements.

An example of an announcement from the railway station in Žilina is available here