STADO2 is a second-generation application for mass transport services analysis combining the features of its predecessors SPADO (system for mass transport analysis) and STADO. It retrieves data related to the bus mass transport (e.g. ticket sales data) and uses it for calculations. The output consists of simple tables and graphic reports such as:

  • report of proven loss from provided discounts
  • report of costs and revenues
  • occupancy and delay report
  • report of flows on the lines.

The application provides a tool for creating user-defined economical and statistical reports from calculated attributes. With its features, it provides bus carriers (carrier type users) and the authorities administrating the mass transport in the region (transport authority users) with a powerful tool to analyse mass transport services operated by regular bus lines with regard to performance and public interest.

STADO2 is a thick client application type – a local application connected to a central server. The server, as a web service, serves as a data-application interface and authentication-authorization authority for the clients (using the login data, the authorized users have their own authorized set of lines).

The ClickOnce technology ensures that the client has always up-to-date version of the application.

STADO2 uses the following data:

  • timetable data – timetable data in the region are processed and provided by INPROP company. It is ensured that data in the application are always up-to-date. Moreover, past data (since 2012) are also available
  • travel tickets data – data from carriers processed by INPROP company containing information about ticket sales.